Did You Know? Career and Education Readiness (CER)

By Caitlin Morrison, WTC Communications Division

Did you know that Career and Education Readiness (CER) activities support wounded, ill and injured Soldiers’ transition processes, whether they remain in the Army or transition to Veteran status?  All Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Soldiers set career goals as part of their Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP).  Career and Education Readiness activities are designed to provide eligible Soldiers with the skills and knowledge they need to advance towards these career goals.

You may already know that Soldiers receive a Transition Coordinator (TC) during the in-processing stage.  You may also know that the TC is a key resource for Soldiers eligible to participate in CER activities. Transition Coordinators specialize in navigating career and education options based on the Soldier’s individual circumstances.

What you may not know is how many CER options are available to Soldiers. Career and Education Readiness activities may include internships, work site placements, training, professional certificates and education programs (including bachelor’s and master’s degree programs).  Soldiers who remain in the Army and choose to pursue a new Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) are directed towards specific internships and training courses that will best provide them the required skills and knowledge for their new MOS.  For those who expect to transition out of the Army, there are valuable work experiences and university courses that can set those Soldiers on the right path to achieve their post-transition career goals. The number of programs that the WTUs work with ensures that every Soldier finds a meaningful CER activity.

For more information on Career and Education Readiness, visit the Career Planning webpage and take a look at the Career and Education Readiness fact sheet.

Stay tuned for the next blog post on the Career and Education Readiness team members.

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