Did You Know? Transition Coordinators

By Amanda Koons, WTC Communications Division

Did you know that Transition Coordinators (TC) assist eligible Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Soldiers with career and education goals according to their selected career path?

You may already know a lot about the interdisciplinary team that works together to help wounded, ill and injured Soldiers focus on their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. Cadre members provide support and guidance to Soldiers and their Families in developing the Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP) and play a positive and active role throughout the Soldier’s transition plan. You can learn more about the Cadre on the Cadre Roles and Responsibilities section of the WTC website.

What you may not know is that there is one individual who serves as the Program Manager for Career and Education Readiness (CER): the Transition Coordinator (TC). The TC assists WTU Soldiers with Career and Education Readiness (CER) activities according to the Soldier’s career and education goals. CER activities may include internships, worksite placements, training, professional certificates and education programs (including bachelor’s and master’s degree programs).  Whether the Soldier goes back to duty or into their civilian communities, the TC focuses on the next step in the Soldier’s career. TCs specialize in navigating career and education options based on the Soldier’s individual circumstances.

TCs are available by walk-in or by appointment. If you are unsure who your TC is, check with your Squad Leader. While not all units currently have a full-time TC, but all units have someone acting in the TC role, with designated TC responsibilities. There are currently 37 TCs across the country, including 17 full-time TCs at WTU brigades or battalions and 20 part-time TCs at Community Based Warrior Transition Units (CBWTUs).

Interested in an internship that can bolster your résumé and help you gain valuable skills? Maybe you would like to first return to school to earn a degree in a new field? Or maybe you would prefer to take a training course or gain a certificate to explore a new career? Your Transition Coordinator can help you get started in any of these next steps for your career and education.

U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) Veterans have similar transition resources available. The AW2 Career and Education Section provides direct resume referral to a network of employers with an expedited hiring process for severely wounded, ill and injured Veterans.  They also educate employers about reasonable accommodations. Contact your AW2 Advocate to discuss your personal situation and career goals.

“Did You Know?” Series

Using your feedback, the WTC Communications Division identified five topics where wounded, ill and injured Soldiers, Families and Cadre want additional information, particularly around Warrior Care and Transition Program (WCTP) resources, benefits and policies that impact their recovery and transition. We’ll post one blog per week on these five topics throughout our “Did You Know?” blog series during Warrior Care Month:

1)   Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL)

2)   Community Support Network

3)   Internships

4)   Adaptive Reconditioning

5)   Transition Coordinators

Is there another topic you want us to cover in the future? Want to share your Career and Education Readiness (CER) story? Post a comment here or email us at usarmy.pentagon.medcom-wtc.mbx.strategic-communications@mail.mil.


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