Continuing Education Assists Soldiers Transition to Civilian Life

By LuAnn Georgia, WTC Stratcom
This year’s Warrior Care Month theme is focused on helping Soldiers experience a smooth transition from military to civilian life. The Community Support Network offers educational resources to help wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers make that transition.

As the time approaches to start planning for re-entrance into civilian life, the choices and time constraints can be a bit overwhelming. Deadlines, information overload, lack of information, physical and emotional limitations, and personal insecurities can be hurdles that can stop anyone from moving forward. Identifying these obstacles, and defining opportunities and workarounds can offer freedom and peace of mind, as well as help you focus on the goal.

Why are we focused on Education?  Education is all encompassing and applies to more than just a university degree.

What do we mean by Education?  Education can include one or all of the following:

  • Information regarding professional opportunities, requirements, and projected employment demands.
  • Updating knowledge and training to translate military skill sets into qualifications that can be applied in the civilian job market.
  • Information, education, and training on how to own and run a business (entrepreneurship).
  • Training for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers on how to research potential employers, write an effective resume, and fine-tune interviewing skills.

Formal education, training, certification, and apprenticeships are available for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers who may want to advance their knowledge or to re-define their career goals. The Community Support Network has a variety of actively engaged providers on the WTC website that are available to assist in the career transition process. For more information log into and take a look at providers that are available.

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