Community Support Network Organization Uses Tattoos to Boost Confidence

An employee with Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations (GTOPI) adds finishing touches to the Purple Heart medal design on a prosthetic leg. GTOPI is a member of the U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command Community Support Network.

Editor’s Note: Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations is a participant in the WTC Community Support Network, formerly known as the AW2 Community Support Network.

By: WTC Stratcom
Headquartered in Port Orchard, WA, Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations (GTOPI) was founded in 2008 by Dan Horkey, who lost the lower half of his leg during a motorcycle accident when he was 21.

In 2004, the tattooed prosthetic idea started when Horkey began fabrication training at a company that makes prostheses and braces. Within a week of training, he had fabricated his own personal prosthetic socket, and applied his first tattoo. Two years later, he tattooed his prosthetic again but with artwork that reflected his personality. “I put flames on my socket and the compliments from strangers made my self-esteem go through the roof,” Horkey said. “I wear it with pride, and I wanted that for others, to feel whole again.”

GTOPI offers state of the art, patent-pending methods such as airbrushing, fine art hand-brushing, pin-striped designs, and painting with automotive colors for prosthetics. Some of the methods also include custom painted automotive finishes and then airbrushing or hand-painting the design of choice. GTOPI uses materials that are safe for children and adults, durable, and of professional quality.

If you are interested in a prosthetic tattoo, the wounded Soldier or Veteran can contact GTOPI at (360) 895-1976, and they will get your order started. Currently, the services are a covered service at 100% with a qualified consult prescription when written by a Veteran Affairs (VA) physician or a VA Psychiatrist. For more information, visit

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