Army Takes Another Win in Sitting Volleyball

The U.S. Army and British Armed Forces sitting volleyball teams pose for a photo after an exhibition match for the 2012 Warrior Games on May 2, at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. The British team was invited to participate in the Warrior Games this year as a special guest. (Photo by Army SGT Jerry Griffis, 43rd Public Affairs Detachment)

By Sgt. Jerry Griffis, 43rd Public Affairs Detachment

The U.S. Army sitting volleyball team won their third match of the 2012 Warrior Games on May 2, and also bested the British Armed Forces team in an exhibition match.

During the match between the Army and SOCOM, the Army dominated the first set with a score of 25-16.  The second set was such an easy win, but the Army came out victorious in the end with a score of 26-24.

It was a night of camaraderie and friendship as the Army played a match against the British Armed Forces team who were invited to this year’s Warrior Games as special guests.  The Army won the first set 25-17.  Showing they were not to be beaten easily, the British team came around to score a victory in the second set, 25-12.  The match continued into a third set to break the tie, with the Army winning the set 15-10.

After the exhibition game, the U.S. Army and the British team came together to pose for photographs and congratulate one another on a game well played.

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