Counseling Awareness

By Patricia Sands, WTC Stratcom

Give an Hour is one of several organizations that provide free counseling to help AW2 Soldiers and Veterans.

AW2 Soldiers, Veterans and Family members deal with many stressors on their road to recovery. Their lives have changed dramatically and the impact is felt by everyone involved. This stress can manifest in many challenges including:

  • Poor communication between an AW2 Soldier or Veteran and their spouse or caregiver
  • Lack of sleep from worry
  • Kids of Warriors in Transition slipping in school and withdrawing socially.

Having an impartial professional help you work through your thoughts and feelings can make a huge difference. Trained professionals can help a person step back and evaluate their choices for the future before he or she actually makes them. A counselor can assist Warriors in Transition by helping them better understand how to communicate with their Family, how to help their kids better adjust and succeed, and how to release stress for both the wounded warrior and their Family.

To help the AW2 community succeed, there are many resources available to address the various different challenges in each of the stages of the warrior care lifecycle. Along with the Army and VA resources, several organizations in the AW2 Community Support Network have stepped forward to assist.

An example of this support is AW2 Community Support Network Member, Give an Hour. Give an Hour provides free counseling and other mental health services to active duty service members, members of the National Guard and Reserve forces, and Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who have separated or retired from any branch of military service.

These services are also available to parents, siblings, and unmarried partners who are not entitled to receive mental health benefits through the military or VA. To learn more, please visit Give an Hour’s website.

In conclusion, the benefits of counseling are tremendous. Counseling can help heal unseen wounds. We encourage anyone that is struggling to reach out as there are many caring people ready to assist.

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