“Work To Do”—AW2 Annual Training Wraps Up

By COL Greg Gadson, AW2 Director

AW2 Advocates show team spirit at the 2011 AW2 Annual Training Conference.

We’ve had a great week here at AW2 Annual Training. We’ve worked hard this week to learn about additional resources and benefits available to AW2 Soldiers, Veterans, and Families. And taking this time was important—it’s an opportunity to enhance the services we provide to the AW2 population.

And we’ve still got work to do. Now, it’s time for us to all go home and get down to business and continue serving. The Advocates are leaving Texas with renewed energy and a renewed sense of pride in their work. And a renewed dedication to making a difference in the lives of AW2 Soldiers, Veterans, and Families.

Like the Advocates, I’m returning to the office with a renewed focus.  They’ve given me a lot of feedback and suggestions to improve the program. I’m going to take some time and review a lot of their ideas and then actively look into ways to support them in their jobs, as they support wounded warriors.

This was the first time I met a lot of the Advocates. I’ve met many of them in my first few months as AW2 Director, but having them here together was incredible. I was really inspired by so many of their personal stories and their dedication to serving wounded warriors.  They remind me a lot of my troops in combat—they’re committed to the mission, whatever the cost. And here, at AW2, it’s a duty of compassion.

As an AW2 Soldier who serves all AW2 Soldiers, I am grateful for the Advocates and the service they provide every single day. And I’m grateful that they’ll continue to provide quality, personalized support to AW2 Soldiers, Veterans, and Families.

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