2011 AW2 Annual Training Starts Strong

By COL Greg Gadson, AW2 Director

AW2 Director COL Greg Gadson gives opening remarks at the 2011 AW2 Advocate Annual Training in Dallas, TX.

Today was the first day of AW2 Annual Training. The AW2 Advocates from around the country and most of the headquarters staff are gathered in Dallas, TX, to spend a week sharpening our skills, expanding our networks, and learning more about resources–all to enhance the services we provide to AW2 Soldiers, Veterans, and Families, and to make sure they continue to build their team spirit and to enhance their collaboration.

This year’s theme is “Path to Independence.” As I explained to the Advocates, “independence” means something different to every single Soldier and Veteran in this program. It’s about getting to a place where you’re living a full life, in spite of your injury, and fully embracing your new normal. And for each of us, it happens slowly, over time–there’s not an “aha” moment or benchmark where you’re suddenly independent. Sure, there are big steps, like learning to walk again on your prosthetics or leaving the hospital or separating from the Army. But there are also small steps, like when a Soldier with a TBI remembers something important that wasn’t written down, or a Veteran calls the VA to make his/her own medical appointment.

This week, I’ll be working with the Advocates to make sure they’re supporting you–the Soldiers and Veterans–in fostering your independence. To help you take ownership of your lives and your futures, and to always know that AW2 is here to support you. We’re just a phone call away.

Check back to the blog throughout the week for more updates about how the Advocates are learning to serve you better.

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