Soldiers and Families from WTB-Europe Discover Timeless Lessons in Spiritual Strength

By Jim Wenzel, WTC Stratcom

Warriors and their Families from the Warrior Transition Battalion–Europe (WTB-E) cross the Trevere River in front of the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome, Italy (Photo courtesy of Barbara Romano).

In the summer of 1995, I had the opportunity to cruise the Mediterranean Sea with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit aboard the USS Pensacola–a very old amphibious ship with the most endearing quality of making several unscheduled stops at ports in France, Italy, and Spain to conduct repairs and maintenance.  One of the most memorable parts of the voyage was a trip to Rome organized by the Pensacola’s chaplain.

Now as an action officer assisting in the planning of Army Warrior Care Month fifteen years later, it is a pleasure to experience the journey to Rome through the eyes of Soldiers and Family members of Warrior Transition Battalion–Europe (WTB-E).  Not simply a boondoggle for pictures and souvenirs, the group of almost 50 warriors and Family members used the opportunity to visit historical sites that bear witness to the powerful and strengthening effect of faith when faced with difficult circumstances.

The development of spiritual strength and resiliency is a powerful asset for wounded warriors as they heal, develop new capabilities, and push past the status quo of their current circumstances.  SPC Locke and SPC Mendoza, both WTB-E Soldiers, had some very powerful words about their trip and how it reshaped their understanding of the WTU and their mission.  Read more about their thoughts from the WTB-E press release here.

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