A New Change. A New Opportunity.

By BG Gary Cheek, WTC Commander

Many people out there may have heard that I am leaving WTC and yes, it’s true. At the end of this month, I will be moving on. As is often the case with everyone serving in our Department, missions are intended to change. Now mine will soon be as Director of Military Personnel Management at the Army G-1 Office at the Pentagon.

It has indeed been a rare honor and privilege to be the first Commander of Warrior Transition Command. These past two years have been filled with many successes and with much progress. I have seen the Command shape the Army’s Warrior Care and Transition Program while it met the challenges that are often associated with a new Command. We have taken a step forward. A step in the right direction.

While there has been much to look back on with satisfaction, the Command’s mission is not done. I am confident that my successor, COL Darryl Williams, who takes over command August 26th, will lead Warrior Transition Command and the Warrior Care and Transition Program on to even greater heights. He will take the baton and continue to build “Soldier Success Through Focused Commitment.”

I look forward to the new challenges that lie before me and see this new assignment as an opportunity to continue to support what we all collectively have accomplished. As I face my last two weeks at WTC, I plan to take a moment to reflect on not just our progress, but our results.

WTC has given me a lot to think about and has given me experiences that will help me establish new and improved military personnel policy that will serve America’s brave men and women. This is an invaluable thing and I am honored. More to hear from me soon.

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