Wounded Warrior #1 in Nation

OIF Veteran Kortney Clemons won two national titles at the U.S. Paralympics Track & Field National Championships.

By BG Gary Cheek, WTC Commander

Getting to know the Army’s Warriors in Transition has been a highlight of my job. To hear their stories, learn about their new goals, and see them achieve new heights is what it’s all about—helping Soldiers move into a successful life post injury.

One Soldier I have been following for several years is Kortney Clemons. Kortney was an Army medic who stepped on an IED while working to save a Soldier’s life which resulted in the amputation of his leg. During his recovery at BAMC, he thought his athletic days were over until he saw Paralympian Veteran John Register running around the track on his prosthetic. Kortney set a new goal then and there: become a runner.

Kortney has long since achieved this goal, but this week he took it to a new level becoming the United States Paralympic National Track and Field Champion in the 100 and 200 meters. This is just the latest accomplishment by Kortney whose focused determination to not only succeed, but to excel so epitomizes Warrior Transition Command’s theme, “Soldier Success Through Focused Commitment” that it recently prompted us to include Kortney’s determined and focused image on our recently unveiled branding campaign.

SGT Robert Brown also competed at this meet—SGT Brown lost his right leg below the knee and has continued on active duty. The three medals he earned at the 2010 Warrior Games while competing for the Ultimate Champion title inspired him to compete at the national level.

Congratulations Kortney and SGT Brown—I look forward to watching where your running will take you next.

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