AW2 Kids Make Themselves Heard

By Sarah Greer, WTC Stratcom

AW2 kids sing enjoyed Operation Purple® activities during the 2010 AW2 Symposium.

AW2 kids enjoyed Operation Purple® camp activities during the 2010 AW2 Symposium.

All week, everyone at the hotel wondered about the energetic roar that echoed throughout the lobby each morning and evening.

The staff lit up like clockwork when we heard them. You’d hear people exclaim, “The kids are here!” all throughout the staff workrooms.

Turns out, we were hearing their group cadences. Each age group wrote a cadence, and they sang it as they marched to and from the buses. And to see them, you knew immediately that they were Army kids. Their lines were straight, and every one of them belted out with enthusiasm.

How much fun to watch the AW2 kids’ brief out at the end of Operation Purple®! Here are the cadences they presented at the Thursday night event:

Purple Soldiers (ages 6-9)
Left, left, left, right, left.
Purple Soldiers break the mold
You can search, but you can’t find
An OPC camp better than mine!
For you all I have to say,
Mom and Dad would want to stay.
We only have but one request,
When you see us, no fear no mess.

Then, the Purple Soldiers read an acrostic describing their experience at camp. A couple included:

  • P is for the people we meet that become our friends.
  • E is for the excitement we have at the beginning of each day.

Purple Hearts (ages 10-12) wore combat helmets and looked incredibly tough. They sang:
Hands up! Shake it, shake it.
Hands low! Shake it, shake it.
Turn around! Shake it, shake it.
Touch the ground! Shake it, shake it.
Purple Hearts in the HOUSE!

Twelve Strong (ages 13-17)
Everywhere we go-o
People oughta know
Who we are
So we tell them
We are 12 Strong
Mighty, mighty 12 Strong.

I know I’m not the only staff member who enjoyed getting to know the AW2 kids this week. They brought so much energy and excitement to the Symposium. It was clear that they had so much fun and that they “didn’t miss Mom and Dad at all,” as Lauryn Hume, AW2 kid, told me with a mischievous grin.

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  1. james261968 says:

    Great job on taking care of the kids, the kids 0-5 had a blast as well and those tireless and caring people that took on the task of caring for the kids deserve our most sincere appreciation. I salute each and every person that made this happen.

    James McCormick
    AW2 Delegate

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