A Day to Honor our Heroes

By BG Gary Cheek, Commander, WTC

Each year, just prior to Memorial Day, the Soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, also known as the Old Guard, honor America's fallen heroes by placing American flags before the gravestones of those buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by by Staff Sgt. Matthew Coffee

Memorial Day is a time for Americans to honor those who have lost their lives in defense of our nation.  As you are enjoying this holiday, I ask that you take a moment to remember those heroes who sacrificed their lives while serving their country.  I also ask you to remember those in uniform who have been wounded or stood in harm’s way.

Today at 3pm is the National Moment of Remembrance , which asks Americans to pause for one minute in an act of national unity to remember and honor all those who have died while serving their country. 

The Army will never be able to repay warriors who have been killed or who have been wounded in defense of our country, but we can honor them by remembering the fallen and by striving every day to provide care and support to enable our wounded warriors to return to duty or transition as proud Veterans in their communities. 

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