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By COL Kevin V. Arata, Director, Online and Social Media Division Office of the Chief of Public Affairs

The Army has been engaged on the social media front for well over a year now. We are present on four major social media sites—YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook—and have created the ArmyLive blog. We are present on these platforms because we know many people are getting their information this way, much more so than going to a traditional Web site or reading a newspaper. While we still do provide a lot of information on the Army’s Web site ( to keep people informed about the Army, using social media is becoming a very viable outlet as well.

The great thing about our social media sites is they allow us to instantly share information across multiple outlets, with the added advantage of allowing dialogue amongst our audience members, and between the Army and those who are participating on our sites. Check out our Facebook fan page for a great example of people who are on our page every day, showing support for the Army, asking questions and getting answers, and getting into discussion with fellow fans and the Army.

So why does this matter to you? It’s a great way for Veterans and currently-serving Soldiers and their Families to keep abreast of what’s going on in the Army, in a manner and place where you are probably already present anyway. So rather than have to go find Army-related information, you can become an Army Facebook fan and get news feeds at about the rate of one post per day, that appear in your Facebook news feed. If you are a Twitter user, and follow us on Twitter (@USArmy), you will receive links to interesting Army stories, and be asked questions about things where we want your feedback. And you can get your fill of videos and photos from the Army while surfing YouTube, or checking out photos on Flickr.

I invite you to check out the Army’s social media sites. Check out and look for our social media icons. The links there will take you directly to our sites. You can also check out all the other Army units and installations that are actively engaged in the social media sphere. Go to the “All Army Social Media” link under our social media icons. There you will see over 350 official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts from Army units and installations worldwide.

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