DoD Features AW2 Veteran Joe Beimfohr

Photo from AW2 Veteran Joe Beimhofr's Wounded Warrior Diary

Photo from AW2 Veteran Joe Beimhofr's Wounded Warrior Diary

The Department of Defense released a new Wounded Warrior Diary yesterday that features AW2 Veteran Joe Beimfohr. The DoD Wounded Warrior Diaries series aims to share the stories of American servicemembers who have been wounded in combat and have won battles on the road to recovery. Retired SSG Joe Beimfohr’s story certainly fits that billing as he has gone from being severely injured in an IED blast in 2005 to finishing marathons and teaching self-defense to people with disabilities:

“When I woke up and I was alive, that is what changed everything — that was the last thing I asked God,” he said. “When I woke up and realized I was alive, everything else didn’t matter, because I was alive.”

During recovery, Beimfohr was different from most of his fellow wounded warriors in that he had less family support to assist him through his recovery. He said he believes this propelled him to move forward and to not feel sorry for himself. In the absence of family support, he relied on the staff at Walter Reed, peer mentors and his comrades in arms, who all helped him recover.

“During that time when I was by myself and didn’t have anyone, it was probably the hardest times, and I just had faith that things would work out,” he said. “I had faith in myself, and I knew that I wasn’t going to call it quits.”

To read the rest of AW2 Veteran Beimfohr’s story and to watch his video diary, please click here to visit the Wounded Warrior Diaries Web site on

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